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About Us

Our Story

At Revamped.AI, we are passionate about revolutionizing the fashion industry with the power of artificial intelligence. We know that fashion is far more than just clothing… it’s pure self-expression, creativity, and empowerment. Using cutting edge technology, Revamped strives to redefine fashion by providing personalized, sustainable, and inclusive fashion. With our innovative AI-powered solutions, we can curate a diverse and inclusive fashion ecosystem, create a unique shopping experience, and cater to the individual needs of each and every consumer. Empower your individuality and discover your style with Revamped.ai!

What we do

Welcome to Revamped, founded in 2022 by Inbal Lavi and Lahav Itzhaki. Every year, over 100 billion individual items of clothing are produced, purchased, and discarded without much thought or fashion consideration. Despite the fact so many clothes are being produced constantly, the average does not wear the majority of their wardrobe. At Revamped, we aim to fill in the gap, providing everyone with personalized fashion advice so you’ll never have to worry about what to wear again. By using Revamped’s AI programs, we can empower the consumer to discover their fashion in a sustainable and meaningful way.

Our Mission

At Revamped, we make fashion discovery and shopping effortless and enjoyable. Through our innovative AI technology, customers can experience and interact with a wide variety of personalized outfits and styles, perfect for breaking down barriers and enabling you to find your perfect fit. To learn more about fashion, AI’s uses in fashion, or to reach out to us at Revamped.AI– check out our websites!

Lahav Itzhaki
Lahav is a Technology leader with over 25 years of diverse managerial and technical experience, through Knowledge of business Systems, procedures and Technology development trends. He held a senior position in Trusteer (sold to IBM). Lahav is a pioneer in cloud computing since 2007 and a Mamram veteran.
Inbal Lavi

Inbal is a result-driven leader with 20 years' experience in online marketing and strategic business planning. She has a track record of driving businesses to exceptional growth, including building up Webpals Group and turning it into a global leader in performance marketing. Inbal led multiple M&As and held senior executive roles in 888 Holdings. She is a pioneer in AI since the early 2000s.